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July 7, 2020

The Simple Stage ✨ Musician Feature

We have built a community of incredibly talented individuals, and the music goes beyond our events. We want to shine a light on our musical family with The Simple Stage. During these sessions, members of Supersonic Hearts Band will share their favourite tunes, dance floor moments, and why they love performing. Sit back, sing-along, and enjoy!

You might find yourself swaying from side to side with this one! Ross slows it down with a lovely first dance tune from Ed Sheeran. He has been playing with the band for almost two years now and will share some of the wildest moves he’s seen the groomsmen break out. Press play!

You really want a band to make people feel comfortable and get the party going. If the band is having fun then your guests are going to have fun, if the guests are having fun, it’s just going to be a great night.