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October 19, 2020

Music Tips For The Alternative Wedding

While you’re planning your wedding, you realise that you don’t want it to be like anyone else’s. You want it to be unique and non-traditional – maybe you’re not even wearing white! You have your own taste in music and you want your wedding to reflect that. We’re all for making your big day all your own. At the same time, you know your guests have different musical taste than you do and you want a packed dance floor and plenty of singing along – shared musical experiences created by a variety of songs everyone loves are great for guests to bond and how your friend from college ends up dancing with your grandmother.

We’ve gathered a few helpful tips for choosing the right soundtrack for your big day that will get all your guests on the dance floor while standing out from the crowd.

First, think about the ceremony. The processional will likely be the first music your guests will notice at your wedding. Then comes the walk down the aisle. This will be one of the most memorable moments of your life and you’ll feel like it’s just you and your fiance in the room, so make sure to choose a romantic song that you both love. You know your music taste best: pick a few of your favourite songs with a slower tempo and romantic lyrics. Have your band play your music acoustically to add extra personalisation.

Then, for the recessional, choose music that’s a little more upbeat to get your guests excited and ready for the reception! The most important and personal musical choice of the night will be your first dance song. It’s your moment to show your love in front of all your friends and family… and to kick of the dance floor! Choose a song that means something to you, a song that was playing when you were first getting to know each other or that you had on repeat on your favourite vacation. Whatever it may be, it’s special because it’s yours.

For the reception, the best way to add your own flavor to your wedding entertainment while keeping your friends and family entertained is to mix in your personal favourites with all time classics and Top 40. This doesn’t have to mean cheesy wedding music – although, it’s amazing how much fun a live performance of “Shout” can be after a couple glasses of champagne. Plus, live music is always cooler than a recording – think about incorporating classic rock, disco standards, or 90s pop. Then make a playlist of your personal favorite songs to play over the speakers during band breaks. You may also be surprised by what the band can perform live if you ask!

If you’re having trouble putting together your own reception playlist, try searching through alternative rock, folk, or indie playlists on Spotify to see if inspiration strikes. You may even find a pre-made playlist that’s exactly what you’re looking for.

Another idea we love is to create a collaborative playlist with your guests or with a select few friends whose music taste you trust. Ask everyone to add a few songs and create an eclectic mix. It will be fun to see what your friends and family choose and you can always edit the playlist to keep only what you like.

We always say that if you’re having fun, your guests will have fun, so press play on our playlist for some of our alternative specially curated favourites!