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December 6, 2022

What Steps Are Involved in Booking a Live Band?

Booking a live band for your wedding day or event can seem like a daunting task, but with us, it really isn’t! With our online planning system and producers to guide you every step of the way, we will make you feel more at ease in the entire planning process leading up to the big day, in which we are sure to leave you and your guests with memories to last a lifetime! Let’s break this down now, shall we?

Please provide as much detail about your event as you can at this stage so that we can give you an accurate quote. We will send a formal personalised quote when you confirm a date and venue. You can upgrade your band at any time. Our prices include tax, insurance, and all sound equipment for standard events.

Once you are happy with the quote, you can make a 20% deposit to reserve the date, and initiate the pre-event band logistics. Payments can be made via direct deposit, credit card, check, or even Bitcoin! All payment information can be found on the “Payment” tab of your Event Dashboard. Please include the following information in your reference:

  1. Your surname.
  2.  The date of your event.
  3. Your “reference code” – this will have been sent with your quote and might look something like: “BBBRM225C”.
  4. Please inform your producer via email after you’ve made a payment so we can confirm receipt.

Details & Schedule
Once you have made your deposit, the band is confirmed for your date! We are always available to chat during business hours if you have any questions. From this stage, we’ll start gathering more details about your event via your Event Planning Dashboard. It will guide you through all of the information that we need to run the night smoothly. You can alter your event details whenever you like, but we would suggest having all your music plans finalised at least 2 weeks before your event date. Every time you change your details online, we will be notified and will manually check it over in detail for you. If you have to make significant changes to the schedule within two weeks of your date, please call us to discuss.

Confirmation of all Details
Once your details are complete we will schedule a final call, usually a week before your event, to review everything together. We will send more info about how to prepare for your final phone call closer to your event date. After our final review, we will send all of the final logistics to the band; so you should wait until your schedule is set in stone before our final review. This will help us keep communication clear and ensure everything goes smoothly. When you’re ready for your final review, we’re generally available by appointment on weekdays between 10am and 6pm.

On the Day
The band will usually arrive at your venue 30-90 mins before the start time you give us. This will depend on the size of band you require for the night as very large bands may require more time for set up, especially if an industrial lighting rig or premium sound is required. Please check to make sure that your venue is OK with the band arriving before your event starts.

On the Night
During the event, the band will liaise with your planner/coordinator/venue manager to ensure that the night runs smoothly. The schedule will usually stray somewhat over the night, and your planner will keep us up to date. We do our best to help it run tight; but, in general, the band takes orders from the planner, and we rely on their judgment when they tell us to start or stop playing. When they tell us to do something, we usually assume that it is OK with you, too, and that the planners have the most up to date information for all the vendors.

Final Payment
The final payment is due two weeks prior to your event. Detailed instructions and final balance are available on your Event Dashboard. Please note, when you pay your final balance via credit card, the total will include a convenience fee. You can avoid this fee by using direct deposit or any of the other options available. The band cannot accept checks on the night.

Additional Information

Sound System
Standard sound equipment is included in our basic quotes. For larger events or festivals (more than 300 people and up to 10,000 people), we may recommend hiring our premium sound rig.

For 9pc bookings and below, we will require a minimum of 60amps of dedicated power within 20ft of our equipment. If this isn’t possible at your venue, then please let us know in advance. Most power issues are easily solved with a few extra extension cords. We also have affordable options for generators if needed. For larger band sizes (10+), please speak to your producer about electricity requirements.

Band Meals
Our contract specifies that the band requires a hot meal at the venue. The musicians usually drive and set up for most of the afternoon, and it is unlikely that there will be time to grab a meal elsewhere. No cold sandwiches, please 🙂 A well-fed band plays better! We can eat at any time during your 5hr booking window, or immediately preceding your 5hr booking window. We can eat wherever is most convenient, as long as there is adequate space for the band members to sit and enjoy their meal.

We do not provide our own stage; however, we can set up on any hard, dry surface where there is adequate space for the size of band you choose. If you’d like to rent a stage for us, your venue will almost always be your best resource for a stage rental. A stage is a nice visual consideration, but it is not required and the band is going to sound great either way! Here are some approximate footprints for the various band sizes:

3-4pc band : 8’x12’
5-6pc band : 12’x16’
7-9pc band : 12’x20′ minimum or 12’x24′ preferred
10-14pc band: 12’x24′

We offer a wide variety of lighting options for your band and for your venue. Our base prices do not include lighting for the band. If you’d like to add lighting, please speak to your producer.

Ready to book? Let’s do this!